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Vale do Gaio HotelVale do Gaio Hotel


The first thing that strikes you is the silence. Timeless silence. Then you are hit by the boundless horizons- a wealth of green that seems to go on forever. Fields ripe for harvest. The grey hues of the hills and the olive trees. And always, infusing the verdant landscape, is the timeless silence. Silence broken only by a distant pealing bell as a sheep delights in the hillside beyond the lake. Or by the joyous song of a sparrow, soaring above the trees in the afternoon sun.

Here, you feel reconciled with life. You feel you can forget everything that has passed and begin anew. You are at peace - that in life things happen exactly as they are meant to. It is this feeling of perfect communion with nature which will remain with you forever.

Vale do Gaio Valley. Only the name of a bird is sufficient to encapsulate this natural harmony. The hotel is your nest. From the time you open the doors, you'll feel wrapped in peace and comfort. You can sit on our terrace over the lake, enjoying the stillness of a slow sunset. Storks fishing on the side of the water. Birds settling into their nests for the evening. A gaio flying high in the clouds, searching for the perfect perch. And you, settling into your own gaio's nest- the Vale do Gaio Valley- lost to the world around you.

As the sun sets you hear again the far off jingles of a sheep, like a sound transported through from an ancient time and place.

Before long, lights begin to twinkle on in the village of Torrao and the peace of evening envelops the horizon.


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Vale do Gaio, 2016
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